Koniec Flasha?

W ciągu ostatnich kilku dni wiele się wydarzyło w świecie Flexa i Flasha. Poniżej zamieszczam kilka linków. Ciekawe, co o tym myślicie?

Shifting resources to support even greater investment in HTML5, through tools like Adobe® Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge and PhoneGap, recently added through the acquisition of Nitobi

The company said the move will better align resources around its digital media and digital marketing businesses.

If a Flash feature is successful, it will eventually be integrated into the browser, and developers and users will access it more and more via the browser and not Flash.

In the long-term, we believe HTML5 will be the best technology for enterprise application development.

It has been a very interesting week in the Flash world. Who would have known that the biggest deathblow to Flash would have actually come from the company that is responsible for it? After announcing major layoffs, Adobe slowly started revealing their intentions to end Flash Player development on mobile browsers. Adobe tried to message that this was not going to be a big shift in their overall Flash roadmap but yesterday they reveled that Flex is being shelved and turned into an open source project after version 4.6. Make no mistake, Flash is now a dead platform and here is why…

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