Versatile and efficient, the Brother CS6000i is a sewing machine of absolute top-notch quality! Any type of stitching project becomes easier to handle with this sewing machine. This article will contain a detailed Brother CS6000i review which will focus on this machine’s performance value, value for money pricing and its popularity in the market.

This machine digitalizes all data. No longer do the users have to gauge measurements on their own to manage their quilting and sewing projects. The machine has an LCD display that shows the settings which the user can operate so as to control the type of stitching, and the stitch width and length as well. The user also does not have to foot pedal in order to sew anymore. The machine settings allow the user to control the speed while a simple press on the “Start/Stop” button will activate and deactivate the machine respectively. Setting up the bobbin is also a very easy job on this machine, which is mainly an automated activity. The user manual comes in two languages- namely English and Spanish, which makes it accessible to a lot of people to use.

The benefits of using this machine are numerous. There are over 60 types of stitches which have been built into the machine’s database. They include even decorative stitches and about 7 kinds of one-step buttonholes. For bigger projects, the machine comes with a large table that is also detachable. The user can use the Brother CS6000i to sew zipper lines into dresses, create more buttonholes on a jacket, and even create invisible seams with the blind stitch foot! This machine can be used for quilting projects too. The oversized tables comes in handy for projects such as these. The quilting foot will help to place the quilting stitches right on place without any hassle while maintaining an even space between each stitch.

The Brother CS6000i has about 27 stitches which are meant only for clothing materials, like the Buttonhole stitches, Triple Stretch stitch, overcast and zigzag stitches, Blind hem stitch, Baston stitch and more! Also, it comes with a lot of foots, like the quilting foot, Overcasting, ZigZag, Monogramming, Blind Stitch, Walking foot, Buttonhole and Button-fitting, and finally the Zipper foot.

In the Brother CS6000i reviews section, all customers have stated that this machine is extremely easy to use, where the manual contains diagrams to illustrate the method effectively. The manual is also very easy to follow, and even people who have had no experience in sewing before could get hang of the machine immediately. However the machine cannot work well with thicker layers and this could become a problem if the user has to get too many layers done at a time. The light in the machine is also not well-placed. It is too dim to even help much. But the bobbin always works like a dream. Winding and dropping the bobbin in is the easiest it has ever been!

This machine is available in the market at a very reasonable price and for all the features it provides, it is definitely worth a buy!